New On-board Bus Equipment (NOBE)
Automated fare collection for an entire nation

  • By the end of 2013, all public buses in the lion city of Singapore has been fitted with the NOBE of Kenetics Innovations' design.

  • Combining various technology such as positional technology, RFID technology and vehicular systems, we make taking or driving a bus a breeze.

  • Positioning systems is coupled with distance-based fare structures to create a system that ensures the correct distance-based fare is collected for every fare, with minimum intervention from the operator of the bus (the driver), ensuring that the driver can fully concentrate on the road.

  • Paying of fares (and by extension the boarding of buses) is made simple, fast, hassle-free. Just flash and go, and the system will take care of the rest. This ensures that there will be no jams and/or slowdowns during the boarding of the buses due to passengers searching and asking about the correct fare to pay.

  • All transaction data are uploaded to the depots over-the-air when the buses return from their trips, the drivers can immediately proceed to the next job or their coffee breaks, and the enforcers can rest easy with no possibility of foul-play.