RFID Season Parking Tag
Nationwide replacement of traditional HDB Paper-based Season Parking Tickets to RFID Season Parking Tags

  • Prior to 2005, season parking tickets were paper-based. These parking tickets were to be displayed on the windscreen of the season parking owner's vehicle.

  • These paper-based tickets are valid for periods in blocks of months. As most motorists renew their season parking on a monthly basis, most of the tickets have only a validity of 1-month.

  • As such, there are a few logistic and convenience issues that plague these paper tickets. For HDB, they face the issue of a high amount of wastage in terms of postage, envelopes and the printing of the tickets. Motorists are encumbered by the need to replace the ticket at the exact date of validity. Whereas enforcement staff experience the difficulty of attempting to read the ticket when in low-light conditions.

  • In Aug 2015, a pilot of the new RFID season parking tag is completed successfully amidst a host of positive feedback.

  • The new RFID season parking tag has solved the issues of wastage, inconvenience and difficulty for HDB, motorists and enforcement staff respectively.

  • At the point in time, the usage of RFID tag for season parking is new to the RFID industry. And Kenetics Innovations was the company that brought this innovation to HDB, making HDB the first organisation to leverage on common RFID tag for season parking.