RFID for Conveyor Sushi
Billing solution deployed in over 200 restaurants in Japan for quick billing of RFID sushi plates

  • Able to accurately inventorize dense and stacked tagged articles

  • Able to filter duplicated tag reads on-the-fly

  • The system tracks the amount of time the plate has been in circulation. Once a particular plate exceeds a pre-determined amount of circulation period, it is automatically diverted into a "chute lane" instead of being sent for its next circulation. This ensures that the restaurant is able to maintain a high standard of food freshness for its customers.

  • Provides fast plate counting during billing process to shorten the wait the customers have for calculation of due fees. Each sushi plate is equipped with a RFID tag. During billing a handheld is waved across the stacked plates, and the number of plates is automatically counted by the handheld and sent wirelessly to the POS, where the customer may make payment.