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Corporate Milestones

2001 - 2003

- Incorporated in Singapore
- Implemented Traffic Offense Notification System for Traffic Police Force (Island wide/ National level)
- Implemented the Electronic Handheld Terminal System for HDB Car Parks (Island wide/ National Level)
- Developed the “PrimaryLink” Livestock Identification System for Infineon and subsequently licensed the “PrimaryLink” Livestock Tag design to Siemens

2005- 2006

- Won the HDB Tender to supply Handheld Terminal System for all 19 Branch Offices and Car Park Section Office
- Listed on AIM (London Stock Exchange)
- Developed RFID Season Parking Tag for HDB, and supply of Readers/ Writers for all HDB Branch Office
- Penetrated the China market with a Cutting Edge RFID Technology on Multi-Way Passage Gates for the People’s Congress Assembly (China).

2007 - 2009

- Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed with Land Transport Authority (LTA) to explore development of Transit Reader for Automated Fare Collection (AFC) marks Kenetics’ entry into an entirely new transportation market.
- Back to back contract wins of Transit Reader in 2008 and New On-board Bus Equipment (NOBE) in 2009.


- Implemented Traffic Warden Scheme (TWS) Enforcement System for LTA
- Entry into USA and Middle East for RFID Jewelry tracking as a key technology partner of TJS (USA), Inc.
- Developed a one of its kind wireless pad scanner to complement with the RFID tracking device that we supply to TJS (USA), Inc.
- Implemented Environment Enforcement Management System for NEA
- Successfully completed the national wide deployment of Transit Readers in both rails and buses.
- Conferred Singapore SME 1000.


- Further penetration into smart city solutions with new technology developed for smart analytics on public transport (Assistance Driver System)
- Commenced a 6 years maintenance contract from MSI Global to maintain the entire NOBE system for the fleet of public buses and bus depots
- Clinched a manufacturing contract to supply LTA with 600 sets of NOBE for new buses
- Forayed into Indonesia’s automated fare collection market by supplying our Transit Readers for parking, rail and ferry transport
- Kenetics successfully breaks into the intelligent video market with several contracts win with Changi Airport Group (CAG) to provide video surveillance and video analytics system for the Airport Operations Management
- Kenetics awarded contract to implement EMV payment on CTRU Transit Reader

2022 and beyond

- Started Research and Development for our Next Generation Smart Mobility Fare Collection System
- Commenced new maintenance contract from MSI Global to maintain NOBE system, with option to extend until end 2025

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Our Management Team

  • Technology veteran with almost 20 years of experience holding senior management positions in the RFID, smart cards and systems technology industry.
  • Implemented revolutionary solutions for Public Transportation, Fare Collection, Mobile Law Enforcement Systems and Inventory Control Solutions across Asia, most notably the AFC systems operating in more than 5000 buses and 3000 railway terminals in Singapore.


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