Our Solutions

Automatic Fare Collection

(AFC) Solutions

Provide mission critical ticketing solutions based on our progressive payment technologies

Tech & Footprint

  • CTRU transit payment reader, NOBE validator and Bus Fare Console
  • Singapore, Indonesia & USA


  • Public Transport Operator
  • Transport Authority

Land Transport Authority (LTA), SBST, MSI Global, Nutech Integrasi, Brush Industries

Infocomm Solutions (ICS)

Combining proprietary software and approach for unique solutions

Tech & Footprint

  • Enforcement System
  • Proprietary Photo-taking system with data matching software
  • Singapore and Malaysia


  • Bespoked Systems
  • Android / iOS Apps
  • Secure Cloud

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS)

Intelligent video solutions and analytic services

CCTV installation and maintenance services

Creating surveillance and monitoring solutions with AI capabilities

Tech & Footprint

  • AI enabled surveillance solutions
  • Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia


  • Smart Surveillance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Visitor & Vehicle Management System

Inventive Embedded Solutions (IES)

Provide turnkey embedded design  services, specialising in the wireless and AutoID arena

Tech & Footprint

  • Handheld Readers
  • Payment Readers
  • Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Middle East


  • RFID readers
  • EMV contactless readers
  • Inventory System